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Personal Journal Entry: #1


I’m going to try something new. As I blog about becoming a better person and sharing what I have learned, sometimes I catch myself not following my own advice. What a conundrum. It’s not intentional like I don’t really believe this stuff works or anything, it’s just that I am human like the rest of […]

It’s About The Little Things


Are you struggling with making progress toward your goals? It’s hard to gain momentum when you’re just starting out in your journey to a better life. But the good news is that not all changes have to be life-altering, mind-refocusing, or take tons of willpower. Here are some little things you can make to boost […]

24 Secrets To A Better Life (part 2)


If you haven’t read “24 Secrets To A Better Life (part 1)” yet, check it out first! 13. Stuff is not important TVs, money, books, cool clothes. We have gotten ourselves into a culture where everything is available. But not everything is good or beneficial. Having wealth is not bad at all. It’s how you […]

24 Secrets To A Better Life (part 1)


We all want to improve our lives, right? Here you go, 24 secrets to a better life: 1. Drink water Duh. With your body being 60-70% water, it only makes sense that this is a necessity for better living. I bought myself a $20 water bottle that I carry with me everywhere. It makes it easier […]

3 Ways To Live In This Changing Culture


The world is changing. Quite dramatically it seems like too (although it’s just our limited perception of time and consequences of events). It’s nothing new to our existence to have life change around us so much, but one thing that comes with it is fear. And fear breeds all sorts of nastiness. We’re often shocked by […]

Tips For a More Successful Monday


Why do we dread Mondays? When 8pm Sunday night rolls around, why do we get that anxious feeling that builds into a mini panic attack from the thought of yet another week beginning? If you want to reboot your week with a successful Monday, listen up.   We’ve been conditioned. Our parent’s definition of the […]

What To Expect From Me In The Future

Chad Doeden

Hi everyone. You may have noticed I haven’t posted anything in a while. My last post before this one was “How To Be A Life Prepper”. This is not for lack of ideas or passion for this blog. I happen to be in a major pivotal transition in my life right now. [Updated 08/27/15 – […]

How To Be A Life Prepper


Life can throw all sorts of unexpected things at you. From natural disasters and drunk drivers to childhood abuse and fatal disease or conditions. It’s hard to be ready for everything but there are steps you can take to be more prepared. Here’s how to be a life prepper. Physical What is something almost every human can […]

Mo Stuff, Mo Problems


We all have stuff. Toys, gadgets, clothes, cars, junk, old magazines we’ve collected over the years, and on and on. But all this stuff is holding us back… As I mentioned in “Organize Your Life”, a messy and cluttered life can lead to depression and all sorts of negative mindsets. As we collect more and more […]

Organize Your Life


Clutter, junk, messy, lost, UNORGANIZED. These were words that described me, my room, my stuff, and my life as a teenager. I know this is common for a lot of people and some don’t even grow out of it as they become adults. Lucky for me, I did. Even into my college years, although my […]

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