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21 Engaging Questions to Ask an Introvert

21 Engaging Questions

Introverts are a special breed of people. Often though, they don’t really enjoy being around groups of people, especially if there’s a lot of small talk. Here are 21 engaging questions to ask an introvert. What’s the latest book you’ve read? What’s your pet’s name? What do you think the meaning of life is? What’s […]

How To Create Your Own Personal Mission Statement

Mission Statement - Blog

Do you struggle knowing what to do with your life? I did for YEARS and it was awful. For the longest time I just assumed my life was just planned out and things would unfold just how they seem to do for everybody else. I realized pretty late in the game that this is a […]

6 Long-term Actions to Quit Feeling Overwhelmed

6 Long-Term Actions - blog

Have you ever been overwhelmed with life? Maybe there was too much going on at work or maybe you just had a lot of family issues going on all at the same time. As much as it may hurt to hear it, much of what overwhelms us is actually our own fault. There are definitely […]

Overwhelmed? – Do these 6 things right now

Overwhelmed - Blog

You may be overwhelmed right now. Maybe there’s too much going on at work for you to handle and you think you might go insane. Maybe you have screaming kids at home with an endless to-do list mocking you because you know it’s not going to get done. Maybe you’re in school and there’s a […]

5 Ways to Practice Confidence – in order to be bolder, ...

5 Ways to Practice

I am not a confident person. At all. But some people might disagree. Some of my past actions make it look like I can do quite a few things that might usually take some generous amount of confidence and courage. Your own worst critic is yourself. Over time I’ve learned how to practice confidence and […]

31 Inspirational Quotes to Get You Started and Keep You Going

31 Inspirational Quotes

Just doing a quick Google search can give you an overload of inspirational quotes, messages, pictures, you name it. It can be quite overwhelming especially if you’re looking for something special just for that day. I’ve been there. So yes, while this post is a bit selfish (because I’m trying to fix my own problem), […]

The Single Life


I ran across this article by Gabby Farah the other day and a lot of it really hit home for me. But it’s sort of (definitely) directed towards females. So I decided to write my own version. I’m single. I have been for over two years now. I used to think things like “well, it’s […]

5 Steps To The Body You Want


We all want to be healthy. Our definitions of what healthy looks like may differ but in some way we all want to feel good about the body we have and be able to enjoy life at the same time. Read Personal Journal Entry: #1 for ideas on what I’m working on. We were all given […]

7 Inspiring Podcasts To Listen To


Making sure you are constantly growing and achieving your goals means that you have to always be learning and giving yourself the tools for success. There are many great ways to do this but podcasts is one of my absolute favorites. It’s free, easy to use, versatile, and tons of high quality content that has […]

5 Ways To Eliminate Stress


“Ouch!” That’s what I was thinking when I was practicing for a piano recital my last semester of college. I am very much an over-thinker. I focus too hard, find too many possibilities to any situation, and worry way too much that something won’t be perfect. While there is a lot psychologically going on there, […]

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